The Preferred and Attainable Future of Teacher Evaluation

This session will begin with a brief review of the expressed intentions of Race to the Top (RTT) and the failure of that effort to meet its intended goals. Those goals, in part, were to more accurately determine the strengths and areas of improvement for every teacher such that the expertise of K-12 educators could be systematically improved via the use of this information.

Because RTT failed in this endeavor teacher evaluation currently runs the risk of devolving into a perfunctory ritual that is relatively meaningless. However, this does NOT have to be the inevitable future of teacher evaluation. We, as a profession, have learned a great deal from RTT and stand at a point where we can create a system that actually manifests the intended goals of RTT in a fair and accurate way. This session will lay out the specifics of such a system.


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Teacher, Instructional Coach/ Teacher Coach, School Leader, District Leader, Leadership Team

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Robert Marzano


Day 3 – Fri., June 25, 2021