Deliberate Coaching and the 5 Laws of Classroom and School Leadership

Many people get caught up on the title of leader or manager. Whether you are a district, school, or classroom leader, educators can lead or manage from any place or any position. Regardless of their position or status, everyone in almost any situation has an opportunity to help manage situations and influence others in a way that makes a positive difference. Sometimes leaders must manage, and at other times, managers must lead. But what is the difference between leadership and management? And how does this apply to leading and managing within the educational setting? Thankfully, the science of human behavior can clearly define and anchor all leadership and management theories and approaches into 5 scientific laws that can be easily applied through simple and deliberate coaching interactions.

In this talk, the presenters, who have been fortunate enough to use science to help thousands of children with disabilities, parents, students, educators, managers, and leaders across the country achieve various valued outcomes, will share the practical application of the science of human behavior for improving valued outcomes across educational settings.


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Teacher, Instructional Coach/ Teacher Coach, School Leader, District Leader, Leadership Team

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Paul Gavoni


Day 1 – Wed., June 23, 2021


3:30PM – 4:30PM