Conative Skills + Organizing Students = A Match Made in Heaven!

Participants will have the opportunity to identify seven Conative Skills and explore the benefits of teaching them as part of the all-important Condition for Learning, Organizing Students to Interact with Content. In this session, we will discuss ways to build tasks that marry the organizing of students with the implementation of Conative Skills such as cultivating a growth mindset, developing resiliency, handling controversy & resolving conflict, and interacting responsibly with other people. If you strive to learn easy ways for organizing your students specifically based on your Learning Target, embed 21st Century teaching strategies, and reap the rewards, this is the session for you!

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Virtual or Onsite


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Coach, Teacher, School Leader, District Leader, Leadership Team

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Virtual Instruction, Culture & Climate, Equity & Access, Instructional Practices, School Improvement, Student Engagement, Student Ownership, Technology

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Debra Friedman