Accelerating School Turn-Around

Do your school turnaround efforts start strongly only to fizzle out or become filled with challenges that can’t be overcome a few months later? Are you relying on hero leadership to drive school reform efforts? This session examines strategies and techniques to power school turnaround by focusing the work from a team-centered approach. Through the use of action boards and daily stand-ups, your school leadership team will break down annual goals into manageable sub-goals, action steps, and definitions of done that are directly connected to improving student achievement. A focus on metrics and how to measure progress on a daily basis within 15 minutes will be shared with real-world examples of effective school turnaround. Escape the daily “to do” list! Note: Participants are encouraged to have either a current year school improvement plan or one that is being developed for the 2021-22 school year.


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Virtual or Onsite


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School Improvement


SLT, School Leader, District Leader

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James Mills